Takeaway Coffee cups

You wake up in the morning, and you’re late for a class or work when rushing out of the house, you decide to grab a drink. You’re still sluggish so you need something to jolt you. The distinctive aroma, the woody smell of fresh ground beans pierces your nostrils arousing a craving that can only be quenched by the taste of the each drop of the savory drink. Coffee on the go in cups so convenient you can use them in schools, hospitals and offices.
Developed in the 20th century, take away coffee cups have evolved from are mostly disposable pieces of matter used in the temporary containment of the said drink. These cups are mostly made of paper with plastic or wax interiors to prevent the drink from seeping out. These small, neat containers come in multiple colors and shapes most being cylindrical and conical. Adorned with decorative designs, they provide beautiful packaging for the drink. Paper cups are indispensable since they are a cheap, hygienic and disposable means of dispensing coffee.
Paper cups come in different forms, single-wall paper cups and double wall paper cups. In between the double wall, paper cups is a layer of foam for insulation. This means that it keeps your coffee hot and at the same time, preventing your hands from burning. They come with matching sip lids which go a long way in ensuring one doesn’t get spillage burns. These sip lids have a hole in which one can sip the drink through.
Compostable paper cups are biodegradable, meaning they completely break down when exposed to microorganisms. They are made of a poly lactic acid, a naturally occurring starch derived from corn products. Their interiors are lined with a plant-based material as opposed to wax used in the normal paper cups. This is environment-friendly because they can be used as compost manure.
Take away plastic cups are a good choice for several reasons. They are versatile, meaning that they can be used anywhere and anytime for any purpose. They are also environmentally friendly and affordable. They are also very hygienic since a one cup per person policy is in place.
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